Firewood Options

Reeds Firewood offers a variety of firewood options for your heating needs. These include green, seasoned and kiln-dried varieties, as well as our newest option, Eastern Hemlock. All are available in a variety of lengths to best serve your needs. We are happy to work with you to determine the best choice for you.

Eastern Hemlock–New!

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Green Firewood

pile of firewood

Green firewood is wood that has been freshly cut and not had any time allowed to “dry” out some of its moisture before being delivered to you. Green wood is recommended as a less expensive way to buy wood in the spring and let it dry on your own property for the fall’s heating season.

The green product is $245.00 per cord if you get 2 or more cords of standard lengths (14″-24″).  1 to 1.5 cords of green firewood of standard length is $260.00/cord.

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been cut off the stump for at least one year and allowed to “dry” in its tree length form. We have taken the time and space needed to dry the wood for you. When you order seasoned wood, we take the log length trees and cut and split it the day of your delivery.

The seasoned firewood is a product that is aged in log form and then cut/split on the day of your delivery.  It may have some topical moisture and is not recommended for folks with a fireplace or who simply need a drier product. This is especially true for the months of October through April.  This product is offered and sold all winter and is used successfully by many of our customers but we do have some that find they need the kiln dried product.  Remember, this is a recently split seasoned wood and you must consider what month you are buying this product.  You may need to take a few more steps in using it.  For instance, bringing the wood inside for a day or two next to the stove or maybe running a dehumidifier next to the pile in the basement.  If you get two or more cords, the seasoned is $305.00/cord for the standard lengths (14” to 24”).  1 to 1.5 cords of seasoned firewood of these lengths is $320.00/cord.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

The kiln dried firewood is our driest product and is highly recommended for folks with a fireplace or who simply need/want a drier product.  If you stop and start your stove every day you will need a drier product like the kiln dried especially during the winter months.  The kiln dried is $385.00/cord if you get 2 or more cords or $400.00/cord for 1 to 1.5 cords.  The kiln dried product is cut at 16″.

(12″ lengths are available for an added fee on some products, please ask.)  Listed prices are subject to change without notice.