Eastern Hemlock – New!

Please check out our little video showing Hemlock burning in a wood stove and some pictures of production in the wood yard. 

Eastern Hemlock for Wood Burning Applications

We are excited to offer Eastern Hemlock as the newest addition to the Reeds Firewood product line. Over the past few years, the demand for hardwood has slowly increased the cost of raw logs and subsequently the cost per cord of cut/split firewood.  While we do everything in our power to be as efficient as possible to keep the price down, there are still times that we have to raise the cost to stay in business.  As the demand for hardwood increases, we see this as a way to provide some alternatives to this demand.  Eastern Hemlock is readily available in Maine.

In an effort to be creative, we are experimenting with offering eastern hemlock to our product line in hopes of giving folks a less expensive firewood choice.  Especially in these uncertain economic times, it may be worth a try for folks looking to save on heating cost while still using wood as their source of heat.  Let’s face it, we like to be self sufficient.

Hemlock is a softwood but is used as firewood in many parts of the country that do not have the hardwood species that we have here in Maine.  We’ll list some pros and cons, you decide.  We encourage you to do some research on your own but we have listed some basic thoughts about the wood.  We will start with offering green hemlock and will be able to kiln dry it as well.

Pricing:    For two or more cords, the green hemlock is $205.00/cord for the standard lengths of 14”-24”.   
1-1.5 cords of green hemlock of these lengths is $220.00/cord.

(12” available for an additional fee)

For more information about our other firewood products, please see our other firewood options.


Eastern Hemlock
  1. Hemlock does not have pitch like other softwoods.  It does make the “popping” sound or spark when burning.  Pitch is not desired due to creosote buildup.
  2. Hemlock will leave large coals behind.  Other softwoods like pine do not leave anything behind like hardwood will after burning.
  3. Hemlock is readily available or simply put easier to locate and buy for us to get to you.
  4. Hemlock is less expensive to buy in log form versus hardwood.
  5. Hemlock is ideal for early fall days , warmer winter days and cool spring days due to the smaller BTU’s produced.  We have all chased the family outside with an overstoked stove in March.
  6. It smells nice.
  7. Mix Hemlock with hardwood for a nice combination.
  8. Great for folks on a budget.
  9. It does split harder than other woods, but hey, that’s what we do so no worries!
  10. Similar in BTU’s to birch or sugar maple.

Feel free to call and ask any questions.  We’re excited to introduce this product to folks who may be interested.  As most folks know, we have been in business for over 35 years and we are constantly seeking ways to be a better business, keep your cost down and utilize all that Maine has to offer.